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What's a sportsplex & How do I find one? We've Got Answers

Frequently Asked Questions from Sportsplex Users and Operators

What’s a sportsplex? Is it the same as a sports center? Why is it not a recreation center? How do I book a court? How much does a membership cost? You have lots of questions about how sportsplex work and we have answers. We want you to spend more time on the field playing instead of in front a screen searching.

What’s a sportsplex?

A sportsplex is a building or field complex that can host many sports activities at the same time. That’s because they have multiple fields, courts or rinks. Sports centers can be indoor, outdoor or both (often found in business parks or warehouse space).
Sportsplex have different ways of making money. They will rent athletic space out by the hour or charge a membership fee. Most create their own programming. This includes classes, leagues, personal training and camps. Sports complexes also make money by operating onsite restaurants and bars. They may sell sponsorships, branded merchandise and athletic equipment.
Sportsplex are small businesses with private ownership. This ownership model means they have more control than public facilities. It also means they are better partners for sports organizations.
We love working with sportsplex. This is because they have flexible space and flexible scheduling. They understand they’re in the service business and part of a sports community.
We use the words sportsplex, sports complex and sports center interchangeably.

Why do you only work with private sports complexes?

There are two reasons we only work with privately-owned sports complexes.
The first reason is because they’re small businesses. They understand time is money which makes them great partners. This gives sports complexes a huge advantage over public facilities.
The second reason we love private sportsplex is because of their flexible spaces. This makes them great host sites for tournaments and non- traditional sports competitions.

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How much does it cost?

Sportspaces.io is free to use. There’s no cost to search the listings, explore the blog or visit the resource library. We make money from the premium services we provide.
  1. Event Management- Stylehawk Event Services provides premium event coordination. We charge a fee for this service.

  2. Premium Listings- Sportsplex may list their venue on sportspaces.io for free. Basic listings are subject to approval, but we will never charge for them. Beyond the basic listing, premium listings and marketing services are available. We charge fees for these premium services.

What is sportspaces.io?

Sportspaces.io is a tool for finding sportsplex near you. It’s a searchable directory with expert reviewed listings. Any sports complex listed here has passed a strict quality review. This is how we make it easy for sports organizations to find available courts and fields.

We’re a sportsplex marketing. Our purpose is to drive online traffic to the sportsplexes listed in our directory. Stylehawk Event Services powers sportspaces.io. Stylehawk is a sports event and venue management company. Our event professionals provide operational and event management support to our venue partners. Sportspaces.io is also part of the Carolina Content Collective (C4). C4 creates content for small businesses and solopreneurs. Our professional copywriters write powerful listings for our sportsplex partners at no cost. 

We show our partners how to use the marketing resources at sportspaces.io. We can also help with web copy, sales emails, newsletters and other written material.

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What’s the catch? How does sportspaces.io make money?

There are a few ways we make money with sportspaces.io.
  1. Event Management Referrals- Stylehawk Event Services is a premium event management business. We charge a fee for our event management work.

  2. Marketing Referrals- Carolina Content Collective (C4) is a content marketing agency. We write copy, sales emails, newsletters and more for small businesses and solopreneurs. We charge a fee for these services.

  3. Premium Listings- The basic listing on sportspaces.io is 100% free. It always will be. Partner and premium listings are available for a small annual fee. These upgrades give sportsplex more ways to engage with site visitors.

  4. Affiliate Marketing- We have affiliate marketing relationships. We get paid a commission for referring related products and services. We only align with products we endorse.

What’s the difference between a sportsplex, sports complex and sports center?

We use the terms sportsplex, sports complex and sports center interchangeably. This does not include municipal recreation centers. There are two key features that distinguish the venues on sportspaces.io from the others.

  1. Ownership & Motivation- We only work with sports centers who are willing partners. Venues that want to work with groups seeking court and field space. Venues with restrictive booking policies and low revenue motivation are not good partners.
  2. Flexibility- We seek partnerships with sports centers that have flexible spaces. Buildings that are used for lots of different activities. We also look for venues that have flexible scheduling models. Spaces large enough for multiple groups at the same time or spaces that can adjust their programming schedule as needed.

These distinctions are significant. Municipal recreation centers serve their local communities. They’re not motivated (either financially or politically) to book outside programming. They also aren’t flexible enough to meet our criteria. The same is true for academic sports facilities.

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